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Awaken, Daughters! Rise up, Sisters! We are connected to all women in the past, present and future. We are the trees, sky, water, and the land of Mother Earth. Awaken daughters and remember who you are! Bring your gifts into the world...

Secret Scottish Elopement on the Isle Of Skye: Laura + Damian

Good morning wonderful! How has your weekend been? Hopefully it's been relaxing enough for you to feel raring to go again this rather wet and rainy Monday

Details about Sky Above Yoga Wall Decal Quote Lotus Flower Meditation Health Spiritual Namaste

from bloodmilkjewelstumblr. [MG] When I see this I think of all the stories people have told while looking at the stars.

~Rumi People often don't know that Rumi is writing about the relationship of humanity to divinity. It often sounds like a romantic reference, but it's not only that, but about the ultimate force called LOVE.

Miamai is the goddess of the stars, prophecy, and fate.. It is said she can see the past, present, and future of all things save one. No one knows what the exception is, and no one dares to ask. She holds the power to reshape any life she chooses. Fearing that she may use this power to her advantage, the other gods crafted a powerful spell to bind her to one human host a generation. Within a host, her power is limited, though her sight remains unchanged. Her symbol are the Seven Lines of…