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Menschen | 70MilliMeter hat das Foto mit folgenden Metadaten aufgenommen: Größe: 1185×1772, Blende: f/6,3, Brennweite: 200 mm, Belichtungszeit: 1/125 s, ISO: 1250, Kamera: Canon EOS 5

Carnevale was a time when the ancient theatre troupes of Commedia dell'Arte were in full force! They set up in main squares throughout Venice and included well-known characters such as Harlequin, Pulcinella and Il Capitano. The mask styles they used in their performances in the 16th century are still being produced by Balocoloc's mask artisans today!

These Rolling Bookmobiles Are Cooler Than Your Local Libraries

Okay, so there are few things that can match the pleasure of walking into a building filled with books. But these bookmobiles, book boats, and beasts of book burden have brought the joys of reading to people who couldn't easily access brick and mortar libraries.

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