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Bill Murray's Caddyshack tournament is my favorite event of the year... but 2012 was by far the best--- this is my Godson Bennett and his mom. Bennett got lots of pics with the Murray brothers

My favorite national news person. Met her at a local golf tournament a few years back and now see her EVERY year. (Jane Pauley if you don't know) She's so nice!

I love tigers! Have you ever been to the Catty Shack ranch up by the airport? This is one of their tigers during a visit to our studios. Go one night when they feed the tigers! It's so fun! The kids will LOVE it.

Daniel, a great charity for kids. This was during judging for the BBQ competition for the Glynn Cook Memorial Scholarship

I love this lady!!! She really helped show me that it's ok to be YOURSELF on tv as well as off.

My husband when I took him to get his professional bbq judging certification for his birthday. BBQ may be one of his favorite things... but HE is definitely my favorite.