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Concordian Aetherglider

MTG : Aether Poisoner, Choi Yongjae on ArtStation at

Glint-Sleeve Siphoner MtG Art by Greg Opalinski

my headcanon is that it got injured in a expirement at aether and that he holds it in battle as a habit/ to help him concentrate or whatever. It might have something to do with Necrozma though since they both shake and do that weird pose that gladion always does

And here we have Sun and Moon summarized in a single photograph.


I'm writing a comic in which a lot of my characters use 'white magic's. What if they were causing the trouble all along? I would basically force the readers to learn to love characters and then reveal their true evil and make them wonder how they could love something so diabolically bad.

I don't ship it, exactly, but I like this look of Aether Gladion. Edgy and clean at once.