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water. Sun. water. sun. water. swimmer. water. sun.

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Leafy Sea Dragon (Phycodurus eques) is one of two species of sea dragon found in Australia's southern waters and nowhere else in the world, the other being the weedy sea dragon.


Spectacular orca show 'like fireworks on 4th of July'

Spectacular orca show ‘like fireworks on 4th of July’

Leo Christopher • Either Anymore • This is a piece I wrote a few months ago for my book, Sleeping In Chairs. It didn't end up in the final manuscript but is a good example of the type of raw emotion you'll find in the book. It will be released on August 28th by Underwater Mountains Publishing and will be available worldwide through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Axolotl, Mexican Walking Fish. Also known as the WaterDog. I had one as a pet when I was a kid. Definitely one of those "watch your fingers" type pets.

Red Beta Fish I love the color. Incensewoman