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Can chickens smell? How well can they smell? Yes, they can smell. Here we'll discuss about their sense of smell and other interesting facts about chickens

Boomer & George Cottage Chicken Coop - The charming, country-style Boomer & George Cottage Chicken Coop provides a warm, secure, and enticing home for your farmhouse chickens. Sturdily ...

Advantek Tractor House Poultry Hutch - 21630N

10+ Tips for Healthy Chickens

A dust bath is the chicken equivalent of a daily shower. Chickens dig shallow spots in dirt, sand, or even flower pots to work into their skin and feathers to aid in skin and feather maintenance and parasite control. A dust bath can be as simple as a dry patch of dirt in the backyard or a shallow bucket filled with sand. No additives or supplements are necessary to accomplish the objective.

Beat the Heat: Helping Chickens Survive High Temps

Beat the Heat: Helping Chickens Survive High Temps. Lots of tips for keeping chickens comfortable and safe. ~The Chicken Chick

I realized yesterday that as my little chicks are getting much bigger their cage is getting too small for them. I either have to build a lar...