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No matter how many times I see this, it always manages to make me laugh

Uh-Huh: Darth Vader Riding A Cat Into Battle. May the Fierce be with you :P It wouldn't be so funny if the cat didn't look like Alice, maybe Darth Vader could be played by the sugar glider. Lord, I'm cracking myself up.

Everyday story! My cat never lets me do my homework

Couldn't do my homework Teach, my cat ate my pencil.

a quieter storm

soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur, happy kitty sleepy kitty pur, pur, pur.

Star Wars humor Archives - PMSLweb

Someone please start producing washing machines, help me, you're my only hope

This is cool! ...except for Return of the Jedi, I always thought it was talking about Luke becoming the next Jedi.

The moment in each movie where the title happens:

Star Wars meets Pokemon

Pokemon Meets Star Wars

25 Random Pictures for Today  Dummies of the Year

25 Random Pictures for Today

Funny pictures about Fabulous Star Wars Contest. Oh, and cool pics about Fabulous Star Wars Contest. Also, Fabulous Star Wars Contest photos.