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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photograph of a manatee’s face, front on. TEXT: “You are your own harshest critic. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. You are wonderful.”](Image credit to Paul Nicklen via HowStuffWorks.)

Manatee, Awesome Picture. I instantly think... Barbra Manatee, you are the one for mee... (Veggietales, love it)

calmingmanatee: [IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A manatee facing the photographer, one fin outstretched. TEXT: “Backsliding happens. Do not be discouraged. A path does not end because you took a few steps back.”](Image credit to ABC News)

Introduced armored Suckermouth Catfishes, Pterygoplichthys, cleaning algae off the skin of Floridian Manatees, Trichechus manatus - harmful? irritation?

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