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Tories hit students with new fees hike - and let Facebook set up universities

Mustn't educate the plebs or they'll start getting ideas above their station The reforms will mean that companies like Facebook and Google could also set up universities that can award degrees

Scandal of 80,000 social houses set to vanish under the Tories

We need more not less. Council and housing association homes are set to disappear without an overhaul of the system, the Local Government Association says

George Osborne's brutal cuts will equal closure of 4 in 10 colleges

The continued decline of Tory Britain Figures uncovered by Labour show budgets look set to be slashed by 40% in this month’s spending review

We're officially getting help to save - but it could kill the welfare state

Another Tory scam David Cameron has pledged more help to encourage low-paid workers to build a rainy day fund. But it could be the start of something far more sinister

Tories quietly move jobs from Sheffield to London and suggest workers 'commute'

When they say Northern Power House they mean North London. As Sajid Javid set out plans to save the steel industry in the House of Commons, his department were quietly slashing jobs in the Steel City

Que? John Cleese backs Brexit

'David Cameron 's 'failure' to reform the EU' Even Basil can see it ! Basil Fawlty himself has signalled he'd vote for Britain to leave the EU, despite his famous character relying on migrant workers

New Tory axeman Stephen Crabb is trampling over the people he left behind

Just another career polititian putting ambition before People The Work and Pensions Secretary is IDS with a beard, says Kevin Maguire

Poor workers 'denied tax credit for months' forcing some to go without food

Frank Field blamed mammoth waiting times at HMRC and its private contractor for leaving some of Britain's neediest in the breach

Even after all this time The Sun never says to the Earth: “You owe me” Look what happens With a love like that … It lights the whole sky! Yes I realize the background should be a bright sunny blue sky...