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Tories hit students with new fees hike - and let Facebook set up universities

Mustn't educate the plebs or they'll start getting ideas above their station The reforms will mean that companies like Facebook and Google could also set up universities that can award degrees

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Scandal of 80,000 social houses set to vanish under the Tories

We need more not less. Council and housing association homes are set to disappear without an overhaul of the system, the Local Government Association says

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We're officially getting help to save - but it could kill the welfare state

Another Tory scam David Cameron has pledged more help to encourage low-paid workers to build a rainy day fund. But it could be the start of something far more sinister

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Virgin handed contract to run 200 NHS services as Tories sell off health service

Just the beginning of the Tory privatisation of the NHS #SAVETHENHS A Tory-led council agreed Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Care could run more than 200 NHS services - and campaigners fear it is the start of the health service being sold off.

And just how much ''Expenses'' do MPs claim ??? Union chiefs say there will be more "real hardship" for public sector workers in the wake of the Chancellor's Autumn Statement and Brexit

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Que? John Cleese backs Brexit

'David Cameron 's 'failure' to reform the EU' Even Basil can see it ! Basil Fawlty himself has signalled he'd vote for Britain to leave the EU, despite his famous character relying on migrant workers

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New Tory axeman Stephen Crabb is trampling over the people he left behind

Just another career polititian putting ambition before People The Work and Pensions Secretary is IDS with a beard, says Kevin Maguire

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This one horrifying graph reveals the injustice of George Osborne's Budget

Budget's horrifying injustice Look at it. Britain's poorest households are on the left - and the richest are on the right

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NHS failing to hit several targets relating to cancer, A&E and ambulance

Message to the Tory party,Stop trying to KILL the NHS and FUND it ! Not everything should be about making money. Targets missed include 95% of A

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Scandal of hospital car parking charges costing Britain 'up to £200MILLION'

The criticism comes in response to figures showing the fees bring in around £200million a year in England