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Aww~ Xiuminnie oppa has pretty eyes~ keke well me and Xiumin are the same~ we have no double eyelids but single eyelids~ keke love you Xiuminnie oppa~

Levelled up the respect for Minseok oppa. A true hyung!!  EXO Xiumin Chen FTW!! Exo's showtime ep 10

Serious respect for Minseok Oppa, a true hyung. And Chen, the hot pack fairy

Aww Chen bullying the maknae lol *hugs* sehun soon...soon ε-(´∀`; )ε-(´∀`; )ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Of course Chen is the best singer. But don't be so mean to the maknae

I think he is the one ex-EXO member that doesn't get triggered if someone asks him to speak in Korean

Hahaha lol this happened at the china running man. Such a shame that luhan won't be on for the next season

Hahahaha kyungsoo

O may be evil in one of these photos but he is an overall squishy~~ love you Kyunggie

I laughed for such a long time.. Oh Chanyeol, you're so innocent.

Don't worry chanyeol you won't be going into the shredder . My baby looked so shocked, he's so cute and fluffy I