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3D Printed Steel Pedestrian Bridge Will Soon Span an Amsterdam Canal

Man Has Developed a 3D Metal Printer for Just 600€: Prints in steel, titanium and more

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3D Printed, Radioactive Tritium Flashlight — Runs for 20 Years Without a Battery

3D Printing: Olli: the 3D printed self-driving minibus

Riduzione di sprechi di materiale ed emissioni di carburante, taglio dei tempi di produzione del 30% a vantaggio di maggior tempo per la progettazione: Rolls-Royce si prepara a volare stampando in 3D il più grande componente #aerospaziale mai realizzato! #3dprinting #aerospace

New Prinvix Marketplace 3D Printer - 3D Printing Industry

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Arup Develops 3D Printing Technique for Structural Steel

Arup Develops 3D Printing Technique for Structural Steel|A team lead by Arup has developed a method of designing and 3D Printing steel joints which will significantly reduce the time and cost needed to make complex nodes in tensile structures. Their research is being touted as “a whole new direction for the use of additive manufacturing” which provides a way of taking 3D printing “firmly into the realm of real-world, hard hat construction.”...| © David de Jong