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Hazelle's 100 Series Hand Puppets "Community Workers Series" was a set of four. Before the set on the bottom row arrived today, I had no idea they would be different costumes from the others in my collection. Notice the "Policeman" (left) and the "Worker" (right) have three different colors of fabric. I don't have a pink "Doctor" yet. Notice the shape of the stethoscope on the two doctors are different shapes. There are two "capper" cards showing the front (above) and back with instructions…

I love this pose so much, I wanted one last shot with just Sagebrush Sal, Horse, and Buckaroo Bill before I take it down for the next photos. Wouldn't this be an awesome display for a 1960 toy store? This is why I want more stands, so when I find favorite poses I can leave them up for longer periods of time. Fun!

Sally has arrived in el Paraiso de Títeres (Spanish for Puppet Paradise) where she has made a lot of new friends.

100A Series hand puppets made by Hazelle's Marionettes. Baby Bear, Elephant, Bobo the Clown.

#801_Teto. This is a great clown with good box. But the main reason I wanted this was the original 1953 Hazelle's product "catalog". Purchased April 17, 2015 online for $30.00 + $9.00 s&h. I didn't think too long about it, because there were four watchers on it before I even found it two days after it was first listed.

Hazelle's Marionettes No. 813 Pa Yokel and No. 814 Ma Yokel arrived yesterday. These are pretty hard to find, because they were available only one year, 1958.

#818_Little_Red_Riding_Hood (ca. 1958). A new Red (left) arrived at my house today. I thought this marionette would be a duplicate of one I already had (right). I bought it because it was such a good price. But when I saw them together, I found that not only do they have different coloring but the costumes are quite different. The new one has a bigger hood/cape, but more interesting too me is that she has a real gingham fabric dress. The other is a gingham print.

Details about VINTAGE HAZELLE MARIONETTES CATALOG COPYRIGHT 1954 "Toys that come to life!"

Here is an original 1954 color product brochure. I am excited about getting this, because it is my second original of this exact same catalog. Now I have two so I can put them together in a poster frame showing the outside and inside at the same time. Purchased through online auction ending March 12, 2015 for $9.99 + $3.17 s&h.

Here is the reverse (inside) of the 1960 three panel Hazelles product brochure that arrived today.