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Asthma is an invisible disease. But it's all around you. 1 in 12 Americans suffer from Asthma. #AsthmaSense

This links to Dr. Claudia S. Miller's blog post: "Hospitals Need a ‘No-Fragrance’ Rule." For examples of fragrance-free policies, check out: and

This links to a list of research about chemical sensitivities.

My Health Maven, MCS Emergency Kit

And then the second you try to taper off, you start internally bleeding again.... oh the joys of Crohn's... #FindACure

Raise awareness for your invisible illness (multiple chemical sensitivity, mcs, environmental illness, cfs, fibromyalgia, fms) and show your frustration over unsolicited medical advice with this 'my disabling chronic condition is more real than your imaginary medical expertise' gift.

from Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution

Public Health Warning: Fragrance