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Theater room--I like this one better than others I've seen :) it looks and feels like an actual theater, but with the comfort of a couch, instead of hard theater seats

Top 10 Beautiful Backyard Designs

I am in love with this concept for a yard film display from Pottery Barn. I had a film night time outdoors as soon as and it was nothing like this! It was sterile and boring. This is so romantic and excellent for a soothing summer time night. Invite the …

Pillow room: dont spend money on couches or lounge chairs and buy a really nice movie screen.

Bar behind couch. Perfect for eating so you wont get crumbs in the cushions but you can still be in the action.

SO obviouslsy, we are not going to do the whole room in stone- but I think if we did the front two walls that protude out, it would be stunning and give it that cozy feel. More