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This is a beautiful grey plaid with a touch of blue made by Ann Taylor and its a size 14 classic style with the high waisted cut which is quite flattering to the body as it is free size in the hip and waist area. If you're interesting in purchasing this item or if you have questions please reach out to me at and the name is BoutiqueStephanique.

Beautiful vivid 30's 40s in plaid taffeta. Red bodice with matching sash. Very unique! It comes in a size large if you're interested in purchasing this item or you have questions about it please email me at

Beautiful prudance dress from the 60's. Size small if interested in purchasing or have questions please contact me at

I think people spend too much time staring into screens and not enough time drinking wine, tongue kissing and dancing under the moon.

Stiletto planter for sale or personalize one to your specific desire. With orchid they are$40.00 with an airplant they are $32.00 plus shipping. Contact me at gmail to place your order today at BoutiqueStephanique.....

Beautiful and unique stilletto planter for sale made to order. This one includes the orchid for 40.00 for questions or to place a personalized order contact me at BoutiqueStephanique@between "f & h" or see address across the pic.

Beautiful little mini dress from the 60's with just the right amount of innocence the size is a small to medium and its in a faint buttercup yellow. I think if you put your hair in a bun and have the right amount of locks hanging down your man will rip this one off of you! If you have questions or would like to purchase this item please contact me at BoutiqueStephanique between "F&H"