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The renowned hybrid Toyota Prius. The world's first mass-produced hybrid (1997). 5-star safety rated, 3 million Prii have been sold worldwide (2013) www.toyota.com/prius/

Inautonews - Toyota sold 4 million hybrid vehicles globally

Toyota Prius - A Hybrid Icon. Again. | Toyota UK

Toyota Prius: Toyota created the Prius in and is still currently making newer models. The Prius is a full hybrid electric hatchback, has incredibly high ratings from auto-pundits who effusively hail its clean, environmentally-efficient qualities.

2017 Toyota Prius white color redesign

What’s interesting about 2017 Toyota Prius is the fact that it has done great changes in the operation of the car with its normal and hybrid technology.

Mike with a Prius: Prius-ing for Dummies - beginner Prius mileage tips

It just so happens at my place of work there's a lovely bunch of environmentally minded people who own Prii (sometimes you see 5 or 6 of the.

Cheapest Cars: The Least Expensive New Cars of 2014: Toyota Yaris L

Cheapest Cars: The Least Expensive New Cars of Toyota Yaris L

Toyota Prius Hybrid http://www.driveclassictoyota.com/2014-Toyota-Prius-Cleveland.php/index.html?make=Toyota&model=Prius

Toyota Prius Hybrid: 1 Million Served