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Plaque: Warrior and Attendants Nigeria , Court of Benin; culture of the Edo peoples. 16th -17th century. Brass

Viking History (Denmark). 'The Vikings were not just plunderers but successful traders, extraordinary mariners and insatiable explorers. Getting a feel for the Viking era is easy, whether visiting the ship-burial ground of Ladby, the Viking forts of Zealand, the longship workshops at Roskilde or the museums that seek to re-create the era with live re-enactments.'

A small section of the Achaemenid Palaces of Darius in Susa, Persia, constructed by Babylonian craftsmen when Babylon was part of the world's first true empire, during Persian Empire at Susa (480 BC)

Mold-Blown Glass Jug -- Roman, Julio-Claudian Period -- 1st Half, 1st Century CE -- Signed by Ennion -- Discovered on Cyprus -- The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Chan Chan ruins, Peru. The largest Pre-Columbian city in South America. Chan Chan was constructed by the Chimor (the kingdom of the Chimú), a late intermediate period civilization Which grew out of the remnants of the Moche civilization. The adobe city of Chan Chan, the largest in the world, was built around AD 850 and Lasted Until ITS conquest by the Inca Empire in AD 1470. It was the imperial capital city Where 30,000 people lived.

Kuelap (Peru). 'Archaeology buffs refer to the Chachapoyas people's mountaintop fortress as the' other Machu Picchu, 'but ITS unique stonework and proud position overlooking the Utcubamba valley make it a special - and unique -. Place to visit' www.lonelyplanet ....

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Great Pyramids of Giza

Inside View from The Great Pyramid of Giza , also called Khufu's Pyramid or the Pyramid of Khufu, and Pyramid of Cheops, Cairo, Egypt