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Racebent Disney Princesses (L-R: Merida (Brazilian), Rapunzel (Mexican), Elsa (Inuit), Anna (Inuit) so neat!

When I Grow Up MEP - Guys Version

The theme was to pick a young hero and his 'grown-up self'. The kid dreams about what will become of him in the future. The wonderful editors (sub them) that.

Racebent Disney by Let There Be Doodles! - Jasmine (African/Luo), Meg (Egyptian), Kida (Maori), Jane (Korean)

Race-bent Disney Upper-right - Meg (Egyptian) Upper-left - Jasmine (African/Luo) Lower-left - Kida (Maori) Lower-right - Jane (Korean)

Marcas: If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?

Here you'll find the random doodles/edits of a lazy illustration student. This student enjoys drawing, manipulating photos/screenshots and whatever else comes to mind. This student really needs to.

Race bend

Racebent Disney Princesses (L-R: Merida (Brazilian), Rapunzel (Mexican), Elsa (Inuit), Anna (Inuit) I love seeing race bent princesses. Most of them (like all of these) are gorgeous.

genderbent cinderella by lettherebedoodles on tumblr

TT of Let There Be Doodles has created a series of photomanipulations that show what Disney princesses would look like as men. She was inspired by a series of “Gay Disney” edits by The …

racebent Disney (1) by Spichinka.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Tiana (Copyright Disney, Princess and the Frog) Belle (Copyright Disney, Beauty and the Beast) Megara (Copyright Disney, Hercules) So, there& bound to be backlash of some sort over racebent charac.