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Silken Flame® Barbie® Doll This vintage reproduction is actually a combination of two separate outfits — Silken Flame® from 1960, and a red velvety coat called Red Flare, which was originally introduced in 1961. Together, these two outfits, along with a charming brunette bubble-cut Barbie® doll and vintage face paint, make for a stunning addition to this collection of porcelain reproductions. Add long white gloves and faux pearl necklace and earrings, and the ensemble is complete!

Wedding Day® Barbie® Doll and Ken® Doll Giftset | Barbie Collector ~ Designed by & Vintage Reproduction by: Bill Greening; Release Date: 6/1/2009, Product Code: P6750. Barbie® and Ken® dolls make a romantic pair in this vintage reproduction set. The bride is a jet black #1 Ponytail reproduction. She wears a reproduction of Wedding Day Set #972. The groom is based on the #1 Ken® doll. His tux is also from 1961.

Pink In PANTONE® Barbie® Doll ~~ With her playful eye for fantastic fashion, Barbie® doll wears a unique gown inspired by PANTONE® Color Chips in her own signature color! Her white peep toe pumps have soles that are painted PANTONE 219 C. Platinum blonde hair and black and silvery bangles complete this quintessential Barbie look.

Harley-Davidson® Barbie® Doll ~~ Harley-Davidson® Barbie® doll wears a fun, edgy black leathery ensemble with orange flames. A black leatherette jacket with real working zipper proudly features the world famous logo. Intricately detailed, this outfit is accented with a silvery chain, black backpack, and boots. A sleek black helmet and sunglasses make Harley-Davidson Barbie® unforgettable.

Sydney Opera House Barbie® Doll ~ The Sydney Opera House Barbie® doll looks breathtakingly beautiful in a dress inspired by the architecture of the Opera House combined with a fashionable twist. The sails of Sydney Opera House inspire Barbie® doll’s bodice while the water surrounding the building is displayed in a luxe, ocean-blue chiffon. With a clutch inspired by the Sydney Opera House sails and the Sydney harbor breeze blowing in her hair, this Barbie® doll is a true Australian beauty.

India Barbie® Doll ~ Namaskar! Welcome to the Republic of India! From the land of spices and sitars, India Barbie® doll is Bollywood-ready adorned in a saffron-yellow sari with a matching hajib-like veil. Golden shoes, “gold” bangles and bold touches of red complete the traditional look. Includes “passport,” country stickers, monkey friend and brush. Doll Details: Body Type: Shani, Skin Tone: LA Tan, Facial Sculpt: Goddess, Eyelashes: Painted.