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A body has been found and the police suspect it is murder. They need your help in identifying key pieces of evidence in order to identify the murderer from their list of suspects... This activity requires students visiting three locations - the crime scene, mortuary and forensic laboratory and use algebra at each location. Students get exposed to formulas that are used in forensic science

Students investigate a suspicious death using their knowledge of formulae and quadratic equations (plotting, substitution and solving). A real life application of algebra for your students.If you like this activity please take a look at my other Crime Scene Algebra activity.

Could you return Andy Murray's serve?Students investigate this in a maths practical activity in which students practise using Pythagoras' theorem and speed, distance, time conversions to estimate the time it takes for a ball to travel across court. They then estimate their own reaction times using an online test.The activity is summarised on a number of PowerPoint slides.

Solving a crime with algebra. Available to download at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Crime-Scene-Algebra-Writing-and-using-formulae-2387981

How forensic accountants use Benford's Law to detect fraud

Trigonometry blood spatter - Stringing is one method that bloodstain pattern analysts use to discover the origin and type of violent action. Learn about stringing and areas of convergence.

Learning the Equations Behind Pixar Movies *How cool is this Khan Academy + Disney collaboration for kids?!? What a great way to make math cool.

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