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Black History (I posted this but y'all need to stop being mad about Black History month being in February. It's all right. Yes I can learn Black history any time, but I like a concentrated time to share what I know with others. Plus, the creation of Black history month, nee' Negro history week, in February is a big part of Black history itself).

Headcanon: Winter is p intense as it is, but as December creeps closer and the lake begins to freeze, Milady finds ice/water magic users to help her make sure that it is as frozen as it could be without it literally be a really freaking huge ice block. This way, during the winter months that the circus is actually open, they have a seasonal attraction- and because Milady master rly likes to ice skate. She's p good at it too, the difficult part is trying to get the Commander or Aleks to join…

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Quick! Jump On These 8 Swimsuits Before Summer's Really Over

Maui is probably my favorite Hawaiian island at the moment.  I visited Maui in 2011 with my husband and their beaches offer lots of options. Check out part 2 of the 4 part Hawaiian beach series “Find your perfect beach experience,” this time we’re looking at Maui. We enjoyed snorkeling right off shore at black …