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I had wrapped the tendrils around me, playing with the bright wrappings as they danced over my skin. They were much smoother now compared to the crackling, jagged edges I could remember from several weeks ago.

efdol: “ David Uzochukwu is a 14-year old photographer. His latest fine art series where he leads the viewer into a world of fascinating portraits and amazing conceptual photographs which show surreal...

Emma Powell's photo series "In Search of Sleep" is a sequence of snapshots straight out of a semi-lucid dream. To create her photos, Powell uses the cyanotype process and also tints them with tea and wine. The result is a layer of haziness and off-kilter colors that enhance th

Vanessa Mckeown creates an ongoing series of playful mashups using everyday objects and food. The London-based art director admits that she loves color and displaying mundane items in a different light so it's no surprise that her latest food-inspired photography displays both undertones. Substituting cauliflower for vanilla ice-cream and a pink balloon for an eggplant, her minimalist approach highlights the simple yet clever combinations of her food reinterpretations.

Artist Antonio Mora's double-exposure portraits merge human faces with ethereal landscapes and distinct architectural forms. #photography #art

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