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My everything.

My Niall❤ He's so adorable. I bless him in everything he does and hopefully he will understand that he needs to do what's best for him.

I cried so much when I saw that cause being the biggest Ziall shipper and seeing this made my heart melt. Zayn looked at Niall as if he never expected Niall to say hi to him after everything :(

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Comment if your a true niall girl!! (I am!) <<<< Excuse you. *you're

"Comment if u read this and understand" Welcome to reality and as much as I wanna say I'll meet them and I have hope it's not gonna happen and I'm sad about it I feel almost depressed sometimes because of it I wish they would know this and recognize me and understand my pain everyday :(

This is me, then everyone decides to laugh at my stupidity and question why I laugh. Well a lot of stuff is actually pretty funny.

(GIF) I was expecting everything except this. I mean, it was so simple and honest and true and... Absolutely gorgeous


you're everything that is amazing in this world