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Bloods, crips, and the like, look past their differences and unite in an awe-inspiring movement to stop violence and police brutality.

At times I’m speechless; at others I’m not happy. I’m speechless when I’m faced with the delicate beauty of nature, and unhappy at blind human brutality. He was very beautiful, gentle and delicate. We talked in silence for about half an hour. He was very kind and allowed me to take lots of photos of him. We shook hands and he left for his paradise. In awe, I wondered how much this fragile creature resembled the soul of a saint departing in peace.

But when the solemn sound of the fall of the cross into the hole prepared for it in the rock was heard, a dead silence ensued, every heart was filled with an undefinable feeling of awe—a feeling never before experienced, and for which no one could account, even to himself; all the inmates of hell shook with terror, and vented their rage by endeavoring to stimulate the enemies of Jesus to still greater fury and brutality -The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Chapter 39 p.253