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Awww his face cuz she just declared her devotion and love toward him and he still has to make those hard decisions for the best! ♥️

quit shooting people period. geez. throw your gun in a lake and look at yourself til you forget hate. cry. cry cry. cry. scream. throw bottles in a field.

Lie down...Try not to cry...cry a lot
from 9GAG

Lie down...Try not to cry...cry a lot

cool story but wizards live till they are about 130 so harry wouldve probably lived longer then 60 yrs after the battle of hogwarts

funny, i am number four, and lorien legacies image

Crying - Crying - Crying - Crying ------ WHY WOULD YOU EVEN.... WHY.

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Johnny Cash Cry Cry Cry Onesie Record Retro Rockabilly

young justice dc comics wally and artemis spitfire