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Old southern apples. Heirloom varieties that were bred in the south and should be easy for us to maintain.

Low chill apples bear as far south as South Florida, and may be a unique addition to your yard. Attractive white apple blossoms will appear during Feb-March and give way to fruit (smaller than standard apples) in June. They remain a small tree, growing to about 15 feet.

How to Grow Blueberries - Growing the Superfruit

How to Grow Your Own Blueberries - Choosing the right variety, soil and water needs, how to keep the birds away from your blueberries.

Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Crisps

Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Crisps Love it? Pin it to SAVE it! Follow Spend With Pennies on Pinterest for more great recipes! I need to be able to give this recipe a 100 star rating... it's THAT good and so easy! This is perfect as an appetizer, snack,...

Learn how to graft fruit trees so that you can have multiple varieties on the same tree! Or turn that old crabapple tree into a productive Macintosh tree!

MISTY: Early variety. Misty is quite vigorous, growing very well both on the coast and in the inland heat. This excellent fruit does well in areas with chilling as low as 150 hours and all areas with mild winters and hot summers.

Mmm...Berries! If you are in an area with hot summers choose varieties that can tolerate your climate. They will probably need shading during summer too!

Caramel Apple Grapes

Caramel Apple Grapes are the perfect snack! Grapes dipped in caramel and then in nuts. A little treat that tastes like caramel apple in every bite.

Mayhaw: The Mayhaw is a large shrub or small tree that is native to the lowlands and wetlands of the Deep South of the U.S. It is most well known for the coral-colored jelly made from the small red berries. It can also be used as a windbreak, an erosion control and pollution-tolerant plant, and it is drought and flood-tolerant. While it prefers full sun, it can grow in the shade as an understory plant. On top of that, it is a rather beautiful tree.