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Exactly and this is why the false man made message of prosperity has completely run rampant now days. People would rather be made to feel good rather than warned about the judgement to come for simply saying 'oh yea I love Jesus' then live like a complete carnal person of the world with absolutely no remorse for the sins they lavish in daily.

Please repin. With this little message you can save someone life. Believe me. 99% of me wants to die. The other 1% hits me every time. I want to be your 1%. I love you no meter what people say I LOVE YOU.

I used to take cues from people on how to view myself. Not just those I love but complete strangers. Someone would say something cruel or offensive in an online dating message or someone would treat me poorly and I'd think "Wow. So that's what I'm worth." These days I feel more grounded and I'm no longer relying solely on outside feedback as an indicator of my beauty my substance or my worth. It feels freeing to express and emote joy and confidence generated from within. . The truth is you…

Message I got from a longtime friend and Plexus customer. She was my very first customer in October 2014. “Just wanted to let you know that people are starting to notice I've lost weight!!! It feels great! I'm down 2 pant and underwear sizes! Just wanted to say thanks!!!” I LOVE seeing people I care about trust me, trust the products, keep the faith and see results. Love it, love it!

I have gay friends and even I have been guilty of saying "that's so gay." Never to be hurtful, but just because it's a social norm. I believe that we need to love everyone. No matter what. I love this message...just to open peoples' eyes to what they are really doing.

Come Back My Love (Magic Spell) | A powerful love spell to bring back the person that you love. This magic spell invokes memories deep within your lovers mind. Memories of the good times, the happiness, the laughter, and the intimacy that you shared together.

Great analogy. Problem is tho that if you tell a theist this they'll ignore the message and call you a heathen for saying that dirty dirty M word!! Haha I love making people feel awkward with just WORDS!

One of my most favourite things to do is to help Amazing people who have this awesome message that they really want to share but they just haven't quite figured out what it is they're trying to say...ever felt that way? I totally know you feel...when I was just starting to be more real and visible on Instagram I had a lot to say...I just didn't know how to organize it make sure my message was consistent and I never wanted it to feel forced. I always wanted it to flow from source inspiration…