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The joy of a believer rests in God’s grace. It is possible to have joy and grief at the same time. So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead.

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11 Things Every Parent Should Know To Raise A Happy Child

why yes very true. See if I'm such a bad person for accidentally falling in love with someone who is in a tough situation in life. And I'm all those things you say I am. What does that make you and your bf? You're in my shoes baby girl. Don't start pointing and judging. Lol guess your bf is a pathetic whore. Smh girls with no sense. If there's anything that I hate more is a damn hypocrite. Sit down bitch.

Talking With God Help me to remember prayer isn't to be a burden of what to say how to say it so He "gets the picture" or a list of what I wants .. Prayer is a time with my God to be still quiet and just tell Him how I am feeling what's on my mind and in my heart. He already knows He is in it with me! Yet how wonderful it is to share it with Him invite Him alongside. Sometimes life takes me (and I go with it) away from Him. May be some small issue or habit or thought pattern. I'm so…

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Love Thy Neighbor

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Black people need to learn how to love Black people again


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✿Always be careful of what you hear about a woman. Rumours either come from a man that can't have her or a woman who can't compete with her.✿

Honor Thy Narcissistic Mother? There are two prevailing views on this issue for the adult son or daughter of an narcissist. Narcissistic mothers tend to broadly define what honor means, sometimes to the point of it being idolatry. So, clearly define what honor. The other view is that God does not honor evil, nor are you expected to.