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I keep telling my girls that beauty is how you treat people, it's pretty on the inside not the out. You can be the most beautiful person on the outside, but if you treat people icky, you'll only be seen as icky and mean. It cancels out your beauty.

The world has bigger problems than boys who kiss boys

You don’t own her. You don’t own her time, her choices, her lifestyle, her dreams, her wants. She can do whatever she wants. Don't be like A.


hi i'm tom; lover of coffee, literature, and cities i've never been to. I just want to have a weird and adventurous life. // //

Sweet picture idea! I think this would be adorable w/Shane and Lucy

Life sucks…now what? You don’t get the breaks others got…now what? You can waste your life complaining or spend your life working towards what you really want….you can’t have both. At least not in...

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books. forests. metal. Tolkien. lol catz. meditation. cartoons. comics. wandering. memes. history. heathen/pagan stuff. Game of Thrones. neuroplasticity. aminals. insomnia. castles. cats. My gods. gardens. photography. trees. bones. Supernatural....


Reminder to work your best and strive for the best but do it well, stay classy not desperate ✌