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Brilliant. And horrible at the same time, because it reminds you of Rose and Tentoo...And then it reminds you that 11 is leaving and that November isn't here yet, and then you die.....thanks, Moffat.

Oh how I hated the ending of "The Family of Blood" although it couldn't have ended any other way. The Doctor so cold and angry and heartbroken....revenge doled out so cruelly. Experiencing briefly a life he could never have, the fate of the universe on his shoulders. How tempting to leave it all behind.

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33 Harry Potter Jokes Even Muggles Will Appreciate

<b>These are siriusly good.</b> All jokes via this Quora <a href="" target="_blank">thread</a>.

3. Claire gaat slapen en haar geest gaat naar een parallelle wereld waar ze haar beschermgeest Leo als mens kan zien en ze beginnen te praten. Ondertussen begint Claire haar meer te herinneren of haar 2 vorige levens.

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Rose and the Doctor, if only this was a movie and Rose actually got to be with the Doctor. Someone needs to fund something like this