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Why Advertise on Facebook Answered “Viral and Unstoppable” Facebook is one of the best places to advertise, we all know that and I’m sure no one will argue about that.

How to approach social media as a creative. Click through to read our 7 tips for beginners. - Business Startups

Marketing Ideas That Work for Your Online Vintage Shop from

From the popular small business marketing blog, ATTENTION-GETTING.COM – Get the edge on other vintage shops with hundreds of my proven tactics that work in my 45-page ebook PDF, Small Business Marketing Ideas That Work! for Selling Vintage Goods DOWNLOAD TODAY! #ebooks #vintage #online store

How to Identify Potential Clients in Facebook Groups

Facebook Group are my secret weapon for all things business and blogging. How many times have you heard me say that now? Facebook Groups seem to be one of the most popular topics here on Studio Krystal. Every time I share a post about Facebook or answer a question in a Facebook Group about Facebook people seem to want more and more and more information. This causes me to want to write more content all about Facebook and help people understand that while Facebook might be an 'old&#39...

How To Create A Cohesive Brand When You Have Many Different Interests

Branding For Beginners: How Do I Create A Brand When I Have Many Different Interests? — Made Vibrant

Tips on how you can reduce your Facebook ad spend.

How to respond to "I could make that" in your handmade biz

I like the idea of responding with "I'm sure you could! You can get all of the materials at ... and it really isn't too hard, just takes some time!" Leave people with a positive impression of you and your craft!

7 ways to attract your ideal clients just by being awesome online

Over the past four years of building my freelance business, I've been asked about my strategy for getting new clients countless times. And I never feel like I have a great answer because I don't do anything specifically to get them. I never have. So here are my 7 ways to attract your ideal clients without going all used car salesman on them and yes, by generally being awesome online.

Forget Time Management: Why You Should Practice Choice Management Instead

Practicing Choice Management instead of Time Management-

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