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No more wasted days as a stay at home mom! I made this schedule so I can make sure to spend a lot of time with the kids everyday! Click to download a customizable version.

from Classroom Freebies Too

70 Tips For Getting Your Students To Transition & Clean Up

This is a "must-have" bulleted easy-read of transitions you can use to get your students lined up and stay quiet while they transition in the hallway or to other activities.

from Frugal Fanatic

Save Money On Food By Organizing Your Pantry

Did you know that you can save money on food just by organizing your fridge and pantry? Get organized to help prevent wasting food by letting it expire. By having an organized kitchen you can save a ton of money on food each month.

from The Soccer Mom Blog

The One Lifestyle Change that Allowed me to be a Stay at Home Mom

This expense was "eating" up a huge chunk of our monthly budget-- and we had no idea! With this one change we were able to save enough money to live comfortably on one income.

from BuzzFeed

47 Hacks People With ADD/ADHD Use To Stay On Track

Organized Paper- Cropper Hopper drawer. Holds patterned paper. It's organized by color. Five folders for each color. The green section for example has folders labeled Green, Green Dots, Green Stripes, Green Floral, & Green Plaid.

from BuzzFeed

47 Hacks People With ADD/ADHD Use To Stay On Track

As with all these things, your mileage may vary, but I thought this was better than the lists I’ve seen on ADDitude. (On a side note: Buzzfeed is apparently full of people with ADHD. I’m not...