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SCARLETT, to Prissy: "Go light a fire in the stove. Keep boiling water in the kettle, get me the ball of twine and and all the clean towels you can find, and the scissors. Don't come telling me you can't find them. Go get them, and get them quick!"

Google Image Scarlett visits Rhett in jail to ask for money to pay the taxes on Tara.

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PRISSY: "Oh, lawdy, Miss Scarlett." SCARLETT: "Well, what is it?" PRISSY: "Lawdy, we've got to have a doctor. I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies." SCARLETT: "What do you mean? You told me you knew everything about it." PRISSY: "I don't know how come I told such a lie. Ma ain't never let me around when folks was having them. Oh, Miss Scarlett!" Scarlett gives her a resounding SLAP!

PRISSY: "Is the doctor come?" SCARLETT: "No, he can't come." PRISSY: "Oh, Miss Scarlett, Miss Melly bad off." SCARLETT: "He can't come. There's nobody to come. Prissy, you've got to manage without the doctor. I'll help you."

Prissy finally arrives home, singing and dawdling. SCARLETT: "You're as slow as molasses in January. And where's Dr. Meade?" PRISSY: "I ain't never seen him, Miss Scarlett." SCARLETT: "What?!" PRISSY: "No, ma'am. He ain't at the hospital. A man told me the doctor's down at the car shed with the wounded soldiers." SCARLETT: "Well, why didn't you go after him?"

PRISSY: "Miss Scarlett, she done sent me for you. Miss Melly, she done had her baby today. A fine baby boy, and Miss Scarlett and me, we brung him." RHETT: "Do you mean to tell me that Scarlett..." PRISSY: "Well, it was mostly me, Capt. Butler, only Miss Scarlett, she helped me a little. But I don't expect no doctor could have done no better. Only Miss Melly, she feeling kind of poorly now it's all over." RHETT: "Yes, I can believe that."