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Life is short. As we live in the day-to-day goings on of our lives, there's a greater narrative taking shape overhead. In the hustle of modern life, it's easy to miss the bigger picture. As we age through the years, white-knuckle through adversity, rejoice in times of contentment, drift away from God and back again, there's a time for everything. And it all points us right back to God, who started it all. #ATimeForEverything

Life can be crazy. We move and make choices at such a frantic pace that it gets easy to get stuck in survival mode. You know, just trying to get through the day without putting much thought into what's healthy or best for your life or your faith. Are you ready for a new beginning? Let's re-prioritize, restrengthen and refresh our lives and faith together. It's time for a RESTART.

Christmastime is about warmth, peace and joy. We love this time of year at Eagle Brook, because we get to see God make the impossible happen time and time again, as he brings peace and joy to those who need him.

We need other people. That could be why the phrase “one another” shows up in the Bible 54 times. Commands like love one another, forgive one another, and encourage one another. God doesn’t want us to go through this life on our own. And let’s face it—when our relationships are good, life is good. And when they’re bad, everything is bad.

Our mission is unwavering—to reach people for Christ. Our avenue to reach them is to build new campuses. Our locations and numbers may change, but our mission never will. This isn’t about us. It’s about Jesus—and his transforming power over broken lives. One by One, we can be part of what God is doing. One community at a time, one campus at a time, one person at a time.

Maybe you don’t feel like you’re destined for greatness. Your everyday life is pretty ordinary. But when you look at the people God chose to work through in the Bible, none of them were special. They were the least likely to succeed. People who had royally messed up. People who were branded the underdogs of society. In this message series, we take a look at how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Life's going pretty well. You go to church, your relationships are relatively healthy, and by most people's standards you're a good person. But really—who's satisfied with pretty well? There's a fullness that can only be experienced when life is lived by God's standards. Love goes deeper. Joy overwhelms negativity. Hope replaces desperation. There's so much more of God's goodness to taste and see. Don't settle for just ok. You only get one life. Live it well.