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The Tartan Chronicles: Red & Black MacGregor (Rob Roy)

Full dress kilt Campbell plaid (mother's maiden name)

Introducing our custom made truly Scottish tartan brogues. Choose from brown…

Donald Gordon wearing a plaid and kilt of Gordon tartan. His sword is inscribed Andrea de Ferrara, the name of a sword maker from Belluno in Italy, many of whose swords came to Scotland. The painting was exhibited in the Royal Scottish Academy 1870.

Designed by Chris Mcleod of Alex Scott & Co of Aberdeen. 'Scotland Forever' tartan is without doubt the best known war cry of the traditional Scottish regiments. It was most famously used by the Scots Greys on their timely and victorious charge at Waterloo in 1815. It spread throughout the ranks of the other Scottish regiments including the Royals, the 42nd and the Cameron Highlanders.

Tartan Details - Scottish American The information held within The Scottish Register of Tartans for the "Scottish American" tartan is shown below. Tartan date: 01/10/2003 Registration date: This tartan was recorded prior to the launch of The Scottish Register of Tartans. Can be worn by any Americans of Scottish descent.