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Seriously, I think it's more draining of one's physical and emotional energy to be angry at the world and treat people like crap. Whatever you are dealing with in your life, remember a lot of people have it much worse. So Keep Calm and Be Kind ;-) (apparently this quote is often credited to Plato, when in fact it was Ian MacLaren-Scottish author and theologian)

Allowing Our Husbands To Lead {Without Our Help}

Allowing Our Husbands To Lead {Without Our Help} --- I had been a Christian for five years when I married my Christian husband in late 2004. We had met two years prior while volunteering at our church and he first held my hand when we were on a mission trip to Cuba. We prayed, worshiped, studied the Word, a… Read More Here

Why #Marriage Matters: Supporting Your Spouse Through Job Loss Graphic

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