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We live security: ESET Security Community

What is a DDoS Attack? You may have heard the term 'DDoS attack' in the news or on TV shows and been unsure exactly what it means. Well, here at iFactory, we like to keep our readers up to date on the latest tech news and security threats, so here's the lowdown on DDoS. #ifactory #ifactorydigital #digitalagency #adlife #digitallife #webdesign #webdevelopment #design #creative #blog #website

India is still not keen to allow in-flight Wi-Fi Read more Technology News Here --> Air travelers in India will have to make do with no Wi-Fi connectivity on planes for now as the government continues to have security concerns. SEE ALSO: Wi-Fi passwords from airports around the world in one brilliant map Back in August aviation secretary R. N. Choubey had revealed that the Indian government will announce a set of reforms to let airlines offer in-flight…

Tech support scams target #victims via their #ISP - A new scam, in which #fraudsters pose as legitimate #internet service providers to offer bogus tech #support, either via the phone or on the net, is on the rise, the #BBC has found. Read more: #VastEdge provides adaptive #Cyber #Security solutions and #Tech #support that prevent business critical data from internal and external #threats.

Top Cyber Security Threats of 2016 & How To Avoid Them

Top Cyber Security Threats of 2016 & How To Avoid Them

Round up: The best free anti-spyware and anti-malware software 2016 Read more Technology News Here --> The best anti-spyware and anti-malware software The best anti-spyware and anti-malware Using an internet-connected PC without anti-spyware and anti-malware protection is rather like walking through the bad bit of town covered in bling waving big wads of notes around and shouting "I am very bad at fighting!" Luckily you don't need to have big wads of notes…

Our tech experts can help you set-up, install and configure all peripherals on your computer. We can assist you to identify and Peripheral Support remove all viruses, security risks, spyware threats, Internet worm attacks, etc.

The shift from server to cloud computing is bringing new levels of efficiency to businesses and organizations. However, there is a simultaneous increase in security threats as well. For more info:

Downloads: Avast completes buyout of AVG becoming the biggest antivirus provider outside China Read more Technology News Here --> Avast buys AVG Antivirus company Avast Software has completed its takeover of AVG Technologies with over 400 million users now under its care. The two security firms announced announced the deal in June and have now revealed what the takeover means for users of their free and paid software. The key message: business as usual with…

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CIA claims it can predict some social unrest up to 5 days ahead

CIA claims it can predict some social unrest up to 5 days ahead Back in March 2015 the CIA chief began setting up a new office the Directorate of Digital Innovation to integrate the latest tech into the agencys data-gathering workflow along with boosting the countrys cyber defense. According to its director the department has helped the CIA as a whole improve its anticipatory intelligence. Speaking at the Next Tech event yesterday Deputy Director for Digital Innovation Andrew Hallman noted that in some instances theyve been able to forecast social unrest and societal instability in other countries by as much as three to five days out. That anticipatory intelligence has been boosted through a combination of algorithms and analytics to predict the flow of illicit goods or extremists according to Defense One. Deep and machine learning makes sense of seemingly disparate data helping analysts see patterns to anticipate national security threats. And then they apply it to the world. What were trying to do within a unit of my directorate is leverage what we know from social sciences on the development of instability coups and financial instability and take what we know from the past six or seven decades and leverage what is becoming the instrumentation of the globe Hallman said during yesterdays event. They dont just pore through the intelligence communitys own proprietary information either. The Digital Innovation department has been using more and more open source data sets with specialists who can combine public and agency information to draw more nuanced conclusions which CIA director John Brennan called a tremendous advantage. Combined with their increasing surveillance of social media the agency is clearly looking to gobble up as much information as possible. With techs best data-parsing tools they hope to get days of lead time to prepare for riots and social decay across the globe. But how successful they are and how far ahead they can accurately anticipate it is uncertain. Source: Defense One - Repost from: engadget Post - New Upgrade !! [V 1.5.3] U can download IT app for android from