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Yahoo can learn a lot from Google's strategy with Google+ but will it use Tumblr in the right way?

Funny video on how guys will actually use Google Glass!

Communicate more effectively through a tried and trusted language.

from Anthony Vittorio Baisi

Social Media’s really not that Social

I replied: “that social media is frivolous or superficial at best. It’s shallow; it’s convinced everyone that the internet is a shameless popularity contest. I can shake hands, charm the room and get my quota of fifty business cards by the end of the evening, go home and plug all these names into my network, throw the cards away and never contact these people again. Except, for the far and distant chance that I’ll need them, and even in the slightest...

Be a better marketer and learn the demographics of the world's most popular social networks: #marketing #socialmedia

from Anthony Vittorio Baisi

Revolutionize your Online Business

We’re not knocking on doors anymore; marketers are creating new ways to reach target audiences by relying on bona-fide interest and inbound marketing. However, creating rich and relevant content to attract your audience is time consuming and can deter resources from other internet marketing activities like running your website, blog, social media dashboard, email campaigns, and analytics.

from Anthony Vittorio Baisi

The Kings of Online Marketing

Marketers have to learn that content, design, or big data aren’t and will never be king. The king is the reader, the viewer, the person that follows your company’s tweets, blogs, news or PR. The king is the people that find genuine interest in your content and share your stories within their social circles. Don’t get me wrong, good content and inbound marketing attracts more people with relevant and genuine subjects. However, these elements of marketing are merely the bait...