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Kiderült, melyik a hatásosabb fogyókúra: a szénhidrát- vagy a zsírszegény!
RUN 2 THE CURE is the long-awaited sequel to the independent documentary RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story [Trailer]
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Just when the threat of pregnancy is over after menopause, painful sex takes the lead in worries. UGH! Painful sex is reported in up to 45% of women after menopause. Here's some things that can help.
Tisztító tea
Photoderm MAX SPF 50+ fényvédő krém
#Hemp can make thousands of products in multiple industries: textiles, paper products, plastics, pharmaceuticals, foods, bio fuels, etc. Using Hemp creates sustainable & durable products. For that reason large corporations seen it as a threat to their business and lobbied to criminalize it. The best way to change this is to increase the demand for Hemp products. Make Hemp part of your everyday.
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