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What Not to Eat: ‘The Case Against Sugar’

Gary Taubes’s “The Case Against Sugar” sugarcoats nothing. The stuff kills.

9 Self-Care Essentials To Add To Your Life

9 Self-Care Essentials To Add To Your Life There's been a long-held belief that people are worthy of respect when they put others before themselves. People have often evaluated their own worth (and the degree to which they deserve value in

Foods That Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy – You Don’t Want To Harm Your Baby

Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, you may love food and can't get enough of it, or the site and smell of certain things completely turns you off to eating. But are you eating something that you actually shouldn't? Know what foods that should be avoided during pregnancy.

Roll Your Way to a Fit Body: The Best Foam Roller Exercises Effective fitness equipment doesn't have to be expensive. Loosen tight muscles and get a toned body!