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"Saturday is Pollinator Day in Peterborough" by Matt Higgs // Learn how to help bees and other pollinators at full-day workshop on November 1.

.HEMP Can Save Our World<3 Yes It can...did at one time...but oh my it was too perfect and no one is making money...back to cutting trees...:(

10 Pergolas To Inspire Creativity and they probably cost a fortune, and how to get them from the store to my house? OY!! But I love Gazebos and Perabolas.

Tips on harvesting, and when to harvest cannabis ~ female flower maturation

Make your own medicinal Cannabis Salve? Recipe and instructions for making topical Cannabis salve can be found here.

Kick-Ass Cannabis and Veggies: Organic Gardening Soils, Teas, and Tips for Growing Marijuana and Nutrient-Rich Vegetables

BACKYARD WEEDS! Growing #medicalmarijuana outdoors in your backyard is easier with these outdoor marijuana tips and tactics:

15 Reasons To Build An Herb Spiral For Your Permaculture Garden

Bud of the day Today we show u some original Purple Haze and it was cultivated outdoors.

Otras #plantas distintas al #cannabis que también contienen #cannabinoides #investigación #ciencia