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Asking God to provide me with a new job that I will - Asking God to provide me with a new job that I will love. Asking God to continue to keep me in good health and put the desires in my heard to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I am praying for my family to be closer to each other and show love toward each other. I am praying to become pregnant and have a healthy child. I am praying that God put me in a place where I can be a healer, encourage others and a people builder. I am praying…

We made it past #election2016, friends. No matter how you're taking the news, one thing I've been encouraged about this morning is that it's our duty to LOVE OTHERS. That is no different today. I'd be honored if you would take a minute to read the link in my profile about my #ShaysGive30 campaign, benefiting @connectingcitytofarm. What an amazing organization that promotes love, fun and education about our Creator and how he makes our food. Kids from inner city #Dallas come to Farm Camp to…

About a year and a half ago, I found myself in a pretty low spot. I had a job, friends, and family I adored, however, something big was missing: I didn't love myself. I didn't know what to do or how to fix it. I tried to find that love through other people, but realized that others can't provide you with authentic self-love. They just can't. I felt so down and realized I was so focused on loving others, but I didn't know how to love myself.

Meet your Posher, Sara Hi! I'm Sara. I happen to like anything cute, fun, or trendy, sometimes even vintage! Other than fashion my life revolves around volleyball. I also wish to become a professional eater. I love my family, friends and my two dogs!! If you have any questions or want to negotiate, than feel free to! All items come from a smoke free home! I'm open to other offers. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave me a comment so that I can check out your closet too. :) Meet the…

I am so easy to read for some special people.I loVe you,thAnks for caring.Ik i already told you this..

llbwwb: “ Hello Lovely Friends :) by malikimran.I want to thank and welcome all of my new followers,and hope that you enjoy what I post.And all of my other followers for sticking with me:)) ”

I love best friends supporting each other and it's so amazing that he won omg

Hey friends! It’s no secret that I am low-key obsessed with Barrington Bags. Today, I’m sharing a video on my “Barrington Collection” in hopes of giving you some inspiration in designing your own! The endless options can feel overwhelming, and I love looking at other’s creations to fine-tune what I want. I’m also SO excited...Continue Reading

Meet your Posher, Gail Hi! I'm Gail. I live in Weymouth, Ma. I have one beautiful daughter that is 7 years old. I have been married to my best friend for 10 years! I love 2nd hand stores. I especially love bargains! Poshmark is easy and fun! I hope you buy something, and enjoy it! Meet the Posher Other