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Long Giraffe Shaped Animal Themed Memo Post-it Sticker Marker Pad

Super cute and colorful giraffe shaped post it sticky marker tabs! Perfect for marking your page, these post its are made in the shape giraffes with elo...

Kitty Index Sticky Note

Looking up quality cat products and came across these Kitty Sticky Notes!

These cool new Green Markers by designer Yuruliku are paper bookmarks from Japan that are crafted to look like grass blades sprouting up from the pages of your books or magazines. For what they are, they're super expensive, but they do come in a set that includes 3 packs with 75 grass bookmarks each in multiple shapes and sizes. Japan trend Shop. USD $84

1 X 240 Sheets Cute Kitten Kitty Cat Animal Sticker Post-... : Semikolon Sticky Tab Markers, Assorted Colors (5100002) : Sticky Tab Notebook Dividers : Office Products

5:28 min. Kente cloth paper weaving... with black marker and paper strips... could be done on paper loom with strips added to the bottom of the short side..

$20 for 6. Brass label plates at MUHS Home. Might use these to label framed photos at Lake house in Maine.