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Jercy is BROtp

*blinks than facepalms* Really Percy? *Stops and starts to laugh* PERSASSY STRIKES AGAIN! What would Annabeth do why she finds out?<<< lol percy and jasons bromance, I love it

Lol-- I really like this because Nico probably worries that people, his friends included, like Will better. While he's completely embarrassed by his friends threatening Will, it showed him that they would always have his back...

This is exactly how i feel the seven would treat Will. Nico gets more and more embaressed so cute<<<<< this is a reference to parks and I'm dead

"I never felt so loved, yet so hated at the same time before." You just gotta love Percy!

Zeus hates Percy for making him feel less powerful and Athena didn't push them in and lastly Zeus should be Poseidon<<< This may be true, but it's still funny. And yes, Zeus should be replaced with Poseidon.

Wow. Percy  Awh that is cute

Now that is true love right there. None of that twilight bullshit. <<< Although all the other things are true love as well

wake me up later

This might be my favorite Nico di Angelo quote <---- Every Nico di Angelo quote is my favorite!<---- This one has to be my favorite! From nico at least. I use this one in my day to day life.