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Hercules and Atlas

Hercules and Atlas Metope from the east side of the temple of Zeus, Olympia. Here Hercules holds the Earth on his shoulders with the aid of Athena, on the right Atlas gives the Apples of the Hesperides. (470-460 BCE) Olympia Archaeological Museum.

The Ishtar Gate at Babylon Reconstruction Glazed Brick Total Height–47 Feet, Width-32 Feet Neo-Babylonian 7th–6th Centuries BC Dedicator: Nebuchadnezzar II Language: Akkadian Date of Excavation: 1899-1914 Staatliche Museen , Berlin Dept. of the Near East

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Pre-Hellenic Art II: The Mycenaean Civilization

Bronze age Mycenaean acropolis of Tiryns, reconstruction.

First Style wall painting in the fauces of the Samnite House, Herculaneum, Italy

The Tetrarchs, AD 305. Porphyry. This portrait of the tetrarchs was probably originally part of the palace in Constantinople, but is now built into the corner of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice. The style here reflects a new emphasis on the position of Emperor, rather than the person holding this office through "similitudo": a generic face that is not particularly accurate to the individual, but emphasizes the similarity among the four tetrarchs.