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Phelsuma flavigularis, Endangered, endemic to Madagascar. I'd label as "Critically Endangered" due to evidences of high specialization and expanding agricultural interest. Adult Ornate Day Gecko - endemic to Mauritius. I would label as endangered- it's a small species on an already small island. Not sure of the official status.

Phelsuma robertmertensi, Endangered due to deforestation and increased agricultural intrest- endemic to the island of Mayotte, a French territory in the Comoros archipelago.

Endemic to Mayotte, the Isl& Day Gecko (Phelsuma nigristriata) has been almost exclusively observed in pristine humid forest at 100 m asl or above. Most remaining forest areas on the isl& are protected, but it is plausible that ongoing degradation of pristine forest will soon extend to the altitudes where this species occurs. It is therefore listed as Vulnerable.