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Jayne's eyes are blue, just saying. No, I'm not a Jayne fangirl or anything... But seriously, this is great. I love it!!! :)

Welcome to firefly-fanart! Enjoy the art already here and feel free to submit your own art if you.

Amen. (Seriously, in what kind of world do we live in that Firefly is cancelled after one season, and Jersey Shore is STILL on?)

Make the jerks who canceled Firefly spend an eternity watching Jersey Shore reruns.


Firefly: "They weren't cows inside. They were waiting to be, but they forgot. Now they see the sky, and they remember what they are." River & Mal Is it bad that every thing river says makes sense to me?

Kaylee is the best

Kaylee is too adorable for words. Gotta question the buffet table.

Firefly should come back. Again and again, just because Fox needs to know the enormity of their f*ck up.

"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal." (Joss Whedon and Fox)