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When I grew up in Nebraska....corn fields were my playground. My friends and I would run through the rows like they were paths to some great destination!

♪ Great is Thy faithfulness! ♪ Peaches and cream corn - Davenport's Farmers market - I can hardly wait for summer fresh corn

Easy tips on how to grow sweet corn in your backyard vegetable garden. Design Your Own Vegetable Garden Layout Using our Free "Vegetable Garden Planner" Software! If you have the space, it's easy to plant and care for growing sweet corn at home. All you need to plant corn are some simple garden tools and supplies.

Turn one bed into a cornfield--- You can plant corn in a staggered pattern that will yield 4 to 6 ears of corn a week for four weeks. Here’s how: To grow a little corn field in a 4×4’ bed, you’ll want to plant one row at a time for a staggered crop. Corn likes to be planted deeply, so get 16 disposable cups that are about 6” tall and cut the bottoms out of them. Divide your bed into 16 square feet. Beginning with the

Aerial photographs of England by Jason Hawkes

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