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so, my husband purchased one of these on the internet. When it arrived he was so excited,he quickly gave it a place of honor. Unfortunately, it fell right off of the wall and shattered. It was a horrible, yet terribly funny moment. You never know how much time you have left.

Awesome Handcarved Blackforest Tall Case Clock...... I would love to have this beautiful piece in my home. Photo via web.

LOVE cookoo clocks.....we had one in England...and real cookoo birds woud answer it everytime on the hour and 1/2.....

from Etsy

Shabby Chic Duck Egg Blue Distressed Cuckoo Clock

Shabby Chic Duck Egg Blue Distressed Cuckoo Clock by peintalamain, $175.00 I grew up with a cuckoo clock, and I've always just loved them! but, they're usually dark brown and never go with any decor. I really like this!! too bad it still doesn't go with my decor though...

from Etsy

Large Neon Pink & Gold Cuckoo Clock. Working Condition

Neon Cuckoo Clock - Cuckoo clocks remind me of being in Germany and my family. I like that these are quirky enough and not just old fashioned.

I absolutely love cuckoo clocks (so delicate and so quirky!), but can never remember to wind my 1-day movement clock. Someday I'd love to splurge on an 8-day clock like this one.