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Clearly I know what I'm talking about.  Look how happy and well adjusted she is.  She looks like this ALL the time.

Tony with Steve's shield and Bucky's arm. I really, REALLY want to know what happened after Steve and Bucky left. When Tony realized that they were truly gone, was he relieved? Regretful? Did he cry? Was it from shame at his own actions, sorrow at the loss of a friend, or from the unfairness of the situation in general? How long did he stay there, alone, in the cold and snow? Did he miss Steve as soon as he was gone, or is his heart still broken enough that he does not want Steve back?

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The Major Affiliate Networks Every Blogger Needs to Know

How to make money blogging: The major affiliate networks you need to know + free worksheet to keep them all organized! Oh, She Blogs!

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Best Ways to Get Started as a Virtual Assistant

Are you wanting to get started as a virtual assistant, but not sure how to get…

Lemon Juice Recipe For Kidney Stones » The Homestead Survival -Not sure if this works, but worth the repinning in case!

"I've been asked if the wars will ever end. But they never will, not really." I closed my eyes. "They carry across space and time." "How did they start?" "Nobody's really sure, some folks just needed to prove there ship was better then someone else. I understand that I would still fight for my ships today if I could." "Even after all this time?" I smile to myself, laughing at the joke that the boy in front of me will never fully understand, at least not for many years "Always."<< THIS

Steve Rogers and the Sokovia Accords. <<< Hmmm... Not sure I realized how convenient the timing of Peggy's death was... "In her sleep" paralleled with Zemo's "They died in their sleep" at the end of the movie?<<<WHAT

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How To Get Your Etsy Shop Off To A Great Start

Get your Etsy store off to a great with this step by step guide from the owner of a top of category Esty store. No more excuses! Get that side hustle or home based business started today. Everything you need to know to get your Etsy off to an amazing start.

At any given moment, you have the power to say: This is NOT how the story is going to end.

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100 Best Quotes in My Notebook

It is the price we pay, but oh, how worth it love is ❤️